No Thanks, I'll Skip the Recession

Co-authored with Mark Victor Hansen

and Brian Tracey

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Body & Mind Transformation Program

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Are you tired of negative habits that are keeping you from enjoying your life to the fullest?  If yes, I have designed a program just for you! Learn how to nourish ALL areas of life by taking care of your body, mind and soul.

Eating On The Go Home Study Course


Eating healthy can be most challenging on-the-go. You may be tempted to stop by a fast-food restaurant or avoid eating altogether. Discover how you can eat healthy on the go with restaurant tips, energizing and tasty snacks, and simple and easy preparation techniques. You can manage your life and still eat healthy!

Golden Goals - Strategies for Success


12-Step system to help you effectively formulate goals that will produce the results you want in your life.

Total Body Detoxification Program


Cleanse your body the right way! With so many cleanses on the market, it's difficult to know what to do. This program walks you step-by-step through the cleansing process and helps you determine the best cleanse for YOU!



Yeast overgrowth (Candidiasis) is a common problem associated with many unpleasant symptoms. This program makes the process of eradicating excess yeast simple!

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Are you "shallow breathing?" 

Learn how to get a FULL breath,

which will help you de-stress and

power your body and mind.


Quieting your mind helps reduce stress, improve concentration and increase oxygen flow to your brain.


Warm up your body and mind every morning with this short, gentle routine that will help you start your day off right.



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