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Gina Van Luven - International Motivational Speaker

Audiences around the globe learn how to:

  • Identify performance gaps in all areas of life

  • Break through mental & emotional barriers

  • Get out of neutral and into action

  • Eliminate performance killers

  • Manage stress at every level

  • Build self-confidence

  • Create life-balance

  • Thrive through change and adversity

  • Maximize mental and physical performance

Gina Van Luven - International Motivational Speaker
Gina Van Luven - International Motivational Speaker
Gina Van Luven - International Motivational Speaker

For large or small groups where the intention is to inspire and motivate the audience.

Typically 1-1.5 hours in length.

For large or small groups where the intention is to provide training with audience participation (more interactive than a keynote).

Typically 1-2 hours in length.

For medium and small groups where the intention is to provide in-depth training over a longer period of time with a lot of participation and interaction.

Typically at least 2 hours in length and may be extended to half-day, full-day, or multi-day.


I am happy to create a custom topic just for you! But, here are some favorites...

Maximize Daily Performance ~ This very popular presentation applies to everyone who wants to greatly enhance their career or personal life and get the most out of every day. I give the audience the key to maximizing performance without sacrificing their family, health or peace of mind. I show how their daily choices can affect their ability to perform and what they can do to sharpen their mind, boost their brain power, and maximize performance every day.

Master Your Stress ~ Stress is inevitable. How you manage it determines whether you are overwhelmed and sick or happy and healthy. This interactive presentation helps the audience explore the benefits and detriments of stress, as well as practical techniques to balance stress and create better health, happiness and peace in their life.

Up-Level Your Attitude ~ The subconscious mind manages about 90% of a person’s daily activities, including automatic responses to things that happen throughout the day. These patterns can affect decision making and ability to reach goals. In this unique presentation I demonstrate how to identify negative thought patterns that may be creating road blocks to success and how to create a path for changing them. This insightful presentation will get your audience thinking on a higher frequency and inspire them to become the best version of themself.

Food-Mood Connection ~ Food choices can greatly affect your ability to manage your mental and emotional well-being. Negative effects can show up as impatience, anger, frustration, combativeness, anxiety, overwhelm and depression. Learn how to turn that frown upside down and use food to your advantage.

  • Over 20 years experience inspiring others.

  • Two-time recipient of Dale Carnegie’s “Highest Award for Achievement.”

  • Ten-time Toastmasters award winner.

  • Achieved high levels of success in the corporate world and in owning her own business.

  • Relatable, engaging, motivating, and empowering!

Yes, this is a real audience standing for Gina!

Expect Standing Ovations!


Cheryl Wheeler Sanders

"Gina always delivers!!!  She is confident, yet approachable and audiences are drawn to her.  I recommend and endorse Gina wholeheartedly!"

Cheryl Wheeler Sanders
Co-Founder, Genesis PURE, Inc.

Jack Zufelt

“Gina is a fabulous speaker! I’ve spoken all over the world and have seen hundreds of speakers. She is one of the best! You will be very glad you booked her!”

Jack M. Zufelt

“Mentor to Millions”

Author of the #1 best-selling book, The DNA of Success

Dr. Suzanne Cronin

“Gina is passionate about both health and helping people. She is a true example of how you can change your life and health from the inside out. Her expertise in her field and ongoing quest for knowledge is obvious and an asset when relating to people of all different walks of life.”

Dr. Suzanne Cronin

Salt Lake Chiropractic

Chris Bachman

“The audience was really impressed with her! I would recommend her unconditionally!”

Chris Bachman

Founder and Director, EarthWell


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