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Igniting the desire for change.


Providing the tools to succeed.


Activating the driving force to take action.

Who is Gina?

  • Gina Van Luven is an international speaker, best-selling author, and experienced Board-Certified Health Coach.

  • Her message and authenticity have been witnessed by millions and gotten her interviewed by dozens of magazines, as well as radio and TV shows across the globe, including CBS, ABC, and FOX.

  • She is the author of several books and creator of several self-help products,  including "Tame Your Stress Dragon."

  • She is a renowned wellness expert, changing lives through her expertise in nutrition, lifestyle and emotional well-being. Her personal story of overcoming significant life challenges is captivating and inspiring. She is relatable and engaging and inspires people to take action toward creating healthier habits.

  • Gina brings a new level of inspiration on how to de-stress and achieve work-life balance, while maximizing performance in all areas of life.

Gina Van Luven - International Motivational Speaker


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