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Success Stories

Jenny Christiensen


So there I was… approaching my 39th birthday and unhappy with how I looked and felt. While I was achieving many other goals in my life, I was unhealthy and had become so frustrated with my inability to do anything about it that I had lost all hope or confidence in even taking a step in the right direction.

I found Gina while searching for some counsel on nutrition, as I knew that was a key part of making changes. It quickly became clear why she calls herself a “holistic health coach,” as she began helping my husband and I understand so much more about ourselves than just our food choices. In addition to arming us with tons of practical information about properly fueling our bodies, she emphasized other ways we need to care for ourselves to really achieve wellness, a lesson which has ultimately had the greatest impact on me.


Not too long after starting to work with Gina, I lost my job. Under previous circumstances, I think this would have crushed me in an already fragile state. But I had been building up—or rather, uncovering—a wealth of strength and courage that allowed me to recognize this as an opportunity to do something I had always wanted to do: start my own business!


With Gina’s advice and support, I re-discovered my confidence and ability to define and reach my goals. Together, my husband and I started making small changes that worked for US—and that soon became habits—and we are now enjoying foods, activities, and even ways of thinking that allow us to be our best every day. My business is really taking off, and we are happier and healthier than we’ve ever been! We owe much of our success to Gina through this amazing journey of change and self-improvement!

Kathleen Coletta


“I lost 18 pounds!  I also have had a chronic cough, and was constantly clearing my throat of phlegm. That TOTALLY disappeared! I felt amazing! As I learned more recipes, I started to see that I could eat healthy most of the time. Most importantly, I realized which foods were making me not feel well…in my case… dairy. This program has absolutely changed my life and the life of my kids as I pass it so many ways. Thank you, Gina!”

Mary Miola


"Ever since my 2nd child was born, I suffered from fatigue and debilitating pain from endometriosis. I thought I lived a healthy lifestyle, and probably did, compared to the average American. However it wasn’t healthy enough! With changes Gina helped me make, I regained my energy, reduced my pain and became a happier, healthier and more productive person. Not only did my health improve but my whole family benefited. My husband’s cholesterol was reduced and my children rarely get sick!"

Maria Mendoza


Thank you for coaching, helping and sharing with me insights that have helped me make big changes in my life, with small steps each day that have resulted in more balance and something much larger than I expected...happiness.

Therese Skelly


“I had always wanted to work with a nutritionist but was afraid that I’d have to count calories and eat food that I didn’t like.  That wasn’t true at all with this program.  Doing the coaching program has been a great experience for several reasons.  First, Gina took a “whole person” approach.  She worked with my lifestyle and choices, and every call we had felt personal and supportive.  In addition to giving me nutrition and wellness advice, she taught me so much about what foods to use and how to prepare them.  She also taught me about seasonal eating, and ways to know which foods work with my blood type, so that I’m making better choices and feeling better.  As a result of our time together, I am off the ‘bad stuff’ (like caffeine) and am much more aware of what I can do to continue to have a healthier lifestyle.


Gina's patience and amazing resourcefulness, as well as her genuine care and concern make her a fabulous choice for anyone who wants to make a change in their life in a way that is easy and healthy.  Because of her I am eating better and even getting my kids to have more veggies from time to time!  Thanks for all you do!”

Renee Farris


“I cannot tell you how much you have changed my life with my eating habits.  Within the first month I had more energy and normal elimination patterns.  Within two months, I got even better and had no more muscle soreness.  I never realized before I started working with you how well I didn't eat!   I feel like I have a better grasp on my eating habits now and owe you a tremendous thank you!  I am so happy we were able to work together for these 6 months and you have given me so much information that will continue to be valuable in my life.”



"I have learned a lot from working with Gina. Most importantly, I learned some techniques to help me in my daily life. I found ways to make checklists fun, set goals and create a path to reach them. I also have the tools I need to exercise properly for my body type. 

Regarding my diet, I've increased my knowledge about foods and eating--this has helped me to be a better judge of what is good for me. I began to branch out and find other things that work within my dietary needs (vegan, wheat/ gluten free, sugar free-- trust me, it's not easy!). I've tried new foods and recipes, and LOVED THEM!
I am currently working on finding a spiritual path that is right for me. Others have commented that I am more confident now! I am definitely more relaxed, and not worried about my future.  Having Gina as my personal health coach helped me get on track to discovering who I am and where I want to go in life."

Lacey Greninger


"Thanks for all of the guidance you have given me over the past several months.  It has been very helpful, and in some cases, life-saving.  I have lost 45 pounds and no longer need my Diabetes medication.  I feel a lot healthier now-- not just physically, but mentally.  I feel like I've found the answer to my wellness problems and it wouldn't have been possible without your help.  I truly cannot thank you enough!" 

Kelsey Riley


"I am 23 years old, and I initially sought out a nutritionist when I could not rid my chronic candida after I had unknowingly lived in a home growing dangerous black mold.  I had tried prescriptions physicians had prescribed and ideas I found on the internet, but nothing worked. 


Gina Van Luven allowed me to meet with her personally before committing to a program.  From the very first day we met, I could tell that she truly cares about the unique individual client.  She taught me that there is no single program that fits every lifestyle. 


Throughout the program, Gina was always very interested in not only my dietary needs, but also my lifestyle needs.  She really cares about the success of all of her clients.  She went far above and beyond my expectations; she even went out of her way to research things specific to my candida and previous mold exposure.  Gina is easy to get a hold of, quick to return calls, emails, or texts, and was extremely flexible with my schedule.  I understand more about MY dietary needs than I ever had before.  She helped me understand how to make healthy decisions for my life now, and in the future.  Now that I understand how to eat healthy, I am off to a bright, energetic, and healthy future!  I highly recommend Gina Van Luven to anyone searching for a healthier, better future! "

Doug B.


"When I first started working with Gina I had finally reached a place where I was tired of eating the same old processed foods and take out for restaurants. At this point I was overweight, I had muscle pains all over my back and constant head aches and stomach pains from an apparent ulcer. I had become utterly disgusted with food and the thought of eating the same old American diet but I had no idea how to start to change my ways. I had overcome many things in my life and food was quickly becoming the one thing I felt I would never beat. Being a single dad and wanting to be a good role model for my daughter I knew something had to change before she followed the same path I was on.

All of this changed in my second appointment with Gina. After my first appointment, my sub conscience decided that this was not for me and that I should just revert back to my old ways of thinking and being, and that I would be much better off that way. I thought knew way more than she did about what I needed and I was ready to quit. Gina saw right through this ploy and started implementing the help I needed on the psychological side of my eating disorder. That was all it took immediately I started to see changes. My transformation over the last 6 months has been amazing. I have lost 20lbs, my muscle pains of went away my stomach problems have disappeared and my head aches have become a thing in the past. Food is no longer a struggle for me and the food that I am eating is way more satisfying than anything I was eating for the majority of my life. Gina has been great to work with and has taught me the right things that I need for my body and what works for me. She has vast knowledge on multiple subjects and makes it easy for you to understand what she is trying to convey to you.

This truly was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself and for the people in my life. I am much happier and more comfortable with myself and my eating I feel much better and I am making much better and informed eating choices for myself and my family. "

Cheryl Graham


"Gina has been great to work with as I try to improve my health. She has given me advice that has helped ease my fibromyalgia pain and improve my sleep. She is supportive and encouraging of the steps I am taking to improve my emotional and physical health. One area we have focused on is improving my nutrition. She outlined steps and encouraged me to document in a food journal not only what I eat; but more importantly how I feel. Many of the ideas she shared have improved my nutrition substantially. The quality of my life has improved as a result of following her guidelines. I would recommend her services as a health coach to anyone that has a desire to improve their quality of life."

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